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B&B Dredging, Inc.

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Dredging Services

Our Mission

The mission of B & B Dredging is, through the practice of beach nourishment, to increase, maintain, and protect the small amount of intertidal zone that we have remaining and to restore the intertidal zone in places where waterfront property owners choose to replace or supplement their bulkheads with a sandy beach.

B & B Dredging is dedicated to the idea that it is far better to protect waterfront property from eroding the natural way – by replacing the eroded property with the same native material present before the erosion began.

Our Vision

Estuaries, also known as bays, lagoons, and sounds, are our ocean’s spawning ground. Estuaries are where humans have the easiest and most frequent contact with the aquatic ecosystem, as sandy beaches are often the interface for the most enjoyable interaction between humans and the bays that support us. Feet in the sand, waves lapping on the shore, sandcastles on the beach, and children playing in the shallow water are all priceless reasons we enjoy the beach.

Dredging Services

B & B Dredging maintains and operates its unique equipment in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. Please take a moment to consider the difference we can make in your dredging project.

Drone picture of dredge and beach restoration

Beach Restoration

Beach restoration has become a common practice on beaches fronting the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, and the Pacific Oceans. We are bringing the same practice to our bays, estuaries, lagoons, and sounds.

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Contact our companion company, EcoSolutions, Inc., for help with environmental services including marine construction permitting, shoreline protection, environmental compliance, and more.