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Our History

B&B Dredging provides services in coastal Alabama. We specialize in small scale dredging projects and building living shorelines. Tired of observing the proliferation of bulkheads and the resulting loss of the very important habitat associated with sandy beaches, Tom Hutchings began to look at ways to reverse the trend of beachfront hardening and preserve what little intertidal habitat we have left in many of our bays. Unable to find a dredge that could efficiently work in the wave and depth conditions we have along the northern Gulf coast, Tom worked with a local boat builder to design and build a vessel that can cost effectively work in shallow confined spaces while also getting the job completed in a reasonable amount of time. B&B Dredging, named after his most important support team of his daughter Brinkley and his wife Bibi, was formed in September of 2014 and the dredge was launched one year later. 

Tom is committed to growing a dredging business that not only meets the navigational needs provided by conventional dredging, but also to the preservation and maintenance of the ecologically and recreationally important sandy beaches within our estuaries. See a couple of examples of our living shoreline success.

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Beaches Not Bulkheads

The mission of B & B Dredging is, through the practice of beach nourishment, to increase, maintain, and protect the small amount of intertidal zone that we have remaining and to restore the intertidal zone in places where waterfront property owners choose to replace or supplement their bulkheads with a sandy beach.

B & B Dredging is dedicated to the idea that it is far better to protect waterfront property from eroding the natural way; replacing the property that has washed away with the same native material that was present before the erosion began.

Beaches are good for property owners and good for the fishes. Capable of performing traditional dredging jobs, our eco-friendly equipment is designed to restore the beaches in our bays while giving landowners an economic stabilization alternative to bulkheads and rip-rap. The stabilization of your waterfront property will no longer mean that your family can’t walk to the beach or hear the waves lapping upon the shore. Our idea – simply replace the sand on the beach and keep it there utilizing engineering designs that restore our naturally occurring coastal features while minimizing the impacts to your neighbors. Call us today to discuss how you can protect your property while also improving the health of our bays.

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Meet The Team

Our team is led by Tom Hutchings, a marine biologist who was raised fishing and exploring our local bays, rivers, and creeks. As a lifelong commercial and recreational boat operator, Tom understands the needs of his customers and what it is going to take to ensure a job is successful.  

B&B Dredging handles the business and permitting end of the projects. We are committed to making sure our clients are informed of their options and that every job is handled as if we were doing the job for ourselves.

Tom Hutchings

Tom Hutchings