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This project on Ono Island, Alabama, involves three property owners. A bulkhead and severe beach erosion caused a homeowner to contact EcoSolutions, Inc., to permit another bulkhead. With education and understanding natural alternatives, owners selected a better alternative to shoreline stabilization. The old bulkhead was removed. Headland breakwaters built from wood were installed. B&B Dredging pumped beautiful beach sand onto the shore. When complete, the front coffer dams are removed, leaving pocket beaches. Project completion is expected in the fall 2022. 

Founder and owner, Tom Hutchings, designed a dredge specifically to do the delicate job of shoreline restoration. 

We were excited to work with these home owners to help restore this critical habitat. This beautiful spit is in Old River. A bulkhead to the north caused a slow but steady erosional loss of the intertidal zone and adjacent habitat. Increased boat traffic in this dynamic area exacerbated the problem. Working with partner company, EcoSolututions, Inc., we created offshore breakwaters, pumped beautiful beach quality sand back, and revegetated the restoration. This could have been a bulkhead – a win-win for the environment and people.