Beach Restoration in Orange Beach


Are you looking for a place for your children or grandchildren to play.  Do you remember the day when you had a beach on your bayfront property, and miss the sounds of lapping water.  Do you wish you could return to the good ole days when your beach was actually functional.

Well look no further.  We are beach restoration experts.  Lets have a conversation about how we can bring tranquility back to your property.  Let us help you make it a place where the kids can create memories.  Beaches are better for the environment, and they are better for you.  We can show you how.  Please reach out to us today.

Dredging Project in Orange Beach

Truck digging sand

We are currently working on a very interesting project in Orange Beach, at the Fish Camp condominiums.  We are tasked with dredging the marina.  Instead of pumping the sand back out to sea, we have partnered with the City of Orange Beach.  The City of Orange Beach is removing the sand we have taken from the marina and using it on various projects throughout the city.  This is not only helping the environment, it is saving local tax payer dollars by reusing the sand.  Please drive by the project so you can see for yourself what a difference we are making.

Below are some photographs from the project:

Dredging at FishcampDredging at Fishcamp
beach dredgebeach dredge
Orange BeachOrange Beach

Dredging Project on Ono Island

BB Dredge pump in water

We recently completed a job on Ono Island where we dredged the boat slips and instead of pumping the sand out, pumped into the foundation of the new home.  The dredge waste became the fill material, thus saving the homeowner from purchasing the yardage we moved.

Click on the video below to see a video of the entire dredging / fill material project.

Below are some photos from the job site

Ono IslandOno Island
Dredging on Ono IslandDredging on Ono Island
dredging gulf coastdredging gulf coast

This project is unique because we saved the homeowner from having to purchase the excess fill material.  We prefer to help clients find alternatives that are both beneficial to their project and the environment.